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Phone Texting Chat Bollocks?
November 17, 2009, 2:57 am
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Well, basically due to a decision to go to a mates with some other mates for a session I’ve now fucked my sleeping pattern and don’t at all feel a need to sleep at half 2. So instead I feel like winging about something.

Everytime it starts to get later and later and edge towards early hours, adverts begin to change. They’ll go from adverts for the next big film, or adverts for Asda, to… (Chavvy/Sexy voice needed) “Text FUN to 8541, and connect with sluts across the country”. Why?! Who’s actually doing this? Also, if there is in fact a market for people who take part in mindless activities like “Texting people in their area” at stupid hours in the morning, because if you do apparently there’s going to be someone around the corner who’s doing/wants the same thing, then why don’t they at least market these things a bit better. These adverts are literally the scummiest things on TV. They’re the TV equivalent of a public toilet or something… You’d prefer not to, but if you’re pissed or got nowhere else to go.. you have to. They hire in the worst most unattractive females to put on the most unconvincing show, pretending that they actually would bother to text this number. That’s how scummy it is! Not even they would text in! To be fair, the girls they use aren’t repulsive, they’re just all the type that you might find in an awkward situation round the back of a club, but think of the few girls that would aaactually use the service? In fact! I say it’s not repulsive.. I saw one not too long ago where it was advertising the options to text “Over 60s”, which cued a shot of a women who was pretty much my Gran just lay back on a sofa in just a fur jacket looking mentally insane . Aaaah and don’t even get my started on the backing music! And the way they pretend to text and then look at the camera with the most forced smile as though they’re at gunpoint. Also, how stupid is it that men might expect a “Like minded” girl to be “round the corner”, even though they only ever advertise towards men.. so why would women be texting in? I need to sleep.



Bonfire Night

Umm… I think it was last wednesday, when I performed in the Hip-Hop theatre piece ‘Bonfire Night’, which I’d been rehearsing for these last couple of months.

The play was only 15 minutes long but the intention was to get people interested so that when we drop our feature length piece people will already know what they’re paying for… and from the responses we got.. I think we put on a damn good show.

Bonfire night is basically about 3 youths who are haunted by the spirit of Guy Fawkes, and made to realise how bad a particular part of their personality is.. but obviously not by just telling them.. but by pushing them to their absolute limits in nonchalent and sarcastic manner so that they come to that conclusion themselves.

All the characters were pretty much exaggerated version of the youths who played them.. one of them being me.. but I wasn’t too happy about being cast as a completely arrogant prick.. I don’t know how Dizraeli (the most genius playwrite in the world ever) came to that conclusion… just cause I’m fuckin’ amazing and go to Brit School.. don’t hate.

Anyway yeah the play was bangin’ and it looked like it was being filmed aaand pictures were taking so I’ll stick them up soon.

PeaceBonfire Night.

Bonfire Night (Dan Dan Dan Dan Boyyy)

Bonfire Night (Dan Dan Dan Dan Boyyy)