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Frankie Boyle Is Still The Don…
September 18, 2009, 6:31 am
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Frankie Boyle is definitely still on top when it comes to straight up killer comedy. I was starting to get a bit bored of watching Mock the Week repeats on Dave because even though it was still funny, Frankie reused the jokes he told on the show on his live DVD, which I also have, so it was getting a bit tedious. HOWEVER! Last night was a new episode of Mock the Week and both him and that other guy who used to be in ‘My Hero’ were quality. One joke that properly got me was during the ‘Scenes we’d like to see’ round, and ‘Thing you wouldn’t hear on a children’s television programme’. Frankie stepped up and said (in his amazing scottish accent)…

“I’ve heard that the Teletubbies have been penetrated by Al Qaeda.

Is this true Tinky Winky? Noooooo (In teletubbie language)

Is this true Dipsy? Noooooo

Do you think it’s true Rashid?”


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