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Back To Winchester…
April 23, 2009, 11:21 am
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Last Train Back.



Last Train Back.


Last week I was back in Winchester to put some final touches on the E.P. I again took along my fine accomplice Sylvester Secrets and before we new it, we were back in Tranquilville. We actually arrived early which meant we ended sitting in a Kebab house for about 3 hours due to Tom (Produce) and Gillan (Producer) having like.. jobs and shit. I suppose it must have been quite frustrating for the quiet Kebab house having two mixed race kids sitting there for a good while seeing as we were OBVIOUSLY scaring off customers but the upside was that I discovered I’m a lot better at writing lyrics on paper in little places like the house. Seems like a basic theory but its excited me because my mind flows a lot so this equals bangin’ tracks to come. 

Anyway, we got to this house, drank some beer, made some music and it’s sounding even fresher than before… I’m thinking one maybe two more trips back and everything will be in place.. so watch this space for exclusive previews or snippets innit!


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